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Oct. 21st, 2010

guess I need to change my profile picture since my boy is now 2 years old.

lot going on.

Yesterday was hubby and my 3rd anniversary
we had a nice day ending with yummy dinner out while my folks watched the boy.
so yesterday the hubby shot an annoying pest, a deer, that has been eating our plants.
that thing was getting way too comfortable here, it would walk into the front yard in broad day light.
it had to go.
when I was done getting the meat I figured I shouldn't accuse it of destroying our grapes without proof.
the proof was there, a stomach full of bright green grapes.
its been a while since Ive been here


OMG turtles stink.

I made it threw the gathering of the meat but cleaning the alge off was a nightmare.

even with the meat baked it still smells horrible.

I'm not eating a bit of it.

Jun. 5th, 2009

so the hubbies friend came by to get him so they could go to a car store somewhere far away.

so it's me, the Max and a flat turtle.
yes, a dead run-over turtle that David's friend just squished and I agreed to cook for him.

I have never messed with a dead turtle before.
in the rain I have to get the meat and hope I cook it right, this will be an experience to remember.

I am glad that I don't have to try and chop it's head off by myself. it is, was a snapping turtle.

wish me luck

O-country livin'

it is saturday night in the country and the neighbors have turned up the music.

I went outside at dusk and did a little mowing but I could still hear the thud of the base.

How annoying!!!!!!!!!!!

Todays adventure

Today was the Farmers Market in Goochland.

Max and I went to see what we could see.

We saw a lot of plants, a few women with soap and lotions and even some baby goats.

We bought some sorbet, yum, Max didn't care for it, and some herbal bug repellent.

I was going to sell some plants and veggies this year but didn't have good luck with my plants so next year I intend to do much better at sprouting plants and I even will take bunnies.

Max will be my little mascot.

A good day

ooops forgot to mention

hubby had to come home Sunday becouse he had to work Monday so Max and I stayed till monday.

well, I found that sunday night when I was trying to call hubby he had been at the movies watching the movie I asked him not to see without me, T4.

the dip crumpled up the movie ticket and left it on the desk by the computer.

It's good to be home

We went to NC for Memorial Day weekend.

Max and I left Thursday since David was helping his buddy with his truck after work and he came down Friday.

it was the second annual family camp out.

(the first camp out I was 8 months pregnant)

we pitch our tents, fish, and who ever wants to; demonstrates a survival/ camping skill.

this is our way of practicing living with no electricity, in theory.

Saturday night we had a down pour and we all evacuated to the folks' house.

it was a lot of fun but I sure am glad to be home.



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